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Freelancing: is it really a Solution?

The world of freelancing is a gift of life for those that can’t afford to keep a typical job. It’s a way to earn some extra bucks while staying at home. People often take up another job and freelancing as another income source. This extra money helps them upgrade, save up and improve their life.
It is a chance for everyone to showcase their talent and skills without having to join a big corporation or firm that requires a daily physical presence. It’s the perfect exchange of work between skilled workers and clients. Not only is the freelancer benefit, but those that hire them have the opportunity to assess the work and choose their exemplary person correctly. Having the ease of working from your home under the most comfortable conditions is ideally the perfect job. However, every good thing comes with a piece of baggage.

The Dark Side of Freelancing

Freelancing was founded as a form to be the medium between client and worker, but over time it has slowly descended into the very being that was feared. People have problems of all sorts and are now reluctant to take their business on these freelancing websites. Even the biggest names in the freelance market are victims of defects and errors.
The most prominent problem that the customers are facing is the fee policy. A guy tried refunding a $200 order and only the seller could permit them to cancel the order he was paying. The grinding thing is that it goes not to the credit card but to the gift card balance when they cancel it. Not every seller has their moral integrity compromised, for many believe in working with honesty and character. Nevertheless, if it’s not the person, the system becomes a peaceful transaction.
The website charges customers another service fee to leave tips for the sellers. It is ridiculous to think about, especially when the app suggests tips. The customer’s concern is why the system doesn’t allow them to leave a tip upon payment. That way, it falls under one transaction and one fee. According to a rough estimation, this company receives 20 to 25% from each completed gig. The fact that they get a percentage off the gig, plus fees when completing your purchase, then fees when tipping, infuriates the people.

The Flawed Applications

Some of the best freelancing platforms have the majority of these problems. The ones that don’t have the issues like these have problems with the application. It’s one thing if the problems only lie in the transaction policies, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. The issues in fees can be resolved to an extent if the transfers are secure and in large quantities. Nonetheless, people have been facing another significant problem: how the application works.
Most of them don’t have issues with functionalities when working from a computer, but that’s not true for mobile applications. From the computer before, it was easy, but on mobile, they can’t do anything but press five buttons on the bottom. The app is easy to use, and the platform is helpful if they search for products or services. Regardless, It’s absolutely abhorrent if a person is trying to grow their business. Most of the users are now constantly frustrated because of one thing or another. Everything takes longer to process. The sellers that were able to apply to a couple of jobs in five minutes now seem to take five minutes to apply to one. The applications have become much slower than they used to be.
Many have complained on the platforms that the company should look at finding ways to make it quicker. They even suggested that platforms should perhaps try to come up with a ‘lite’ version if too many features in the app working simultaneously slow it down.

The Lack of Security

The problems faced by the people using freelancing means maybe be some but in the end, what matters is that both parties made money. Money makes these people get out of bed and work towards a better bed. It’s kind of ironic. Everyone needs this kind of life; while some may go towards a productive lifestyle, many choose a calmer and more comfortable life. It would be best if you had proper security for yourself and this lifestyle that you have taken. Who wouldn’t want to have a guarantee that their life will stay the same? That’s the whole concept of tenures. The fear of getting robbed of your claimed possessions is something that would destroy even the strongest. The same goes for this freelancing world. Not everyone gets what they paid for. Systems need a better vetting process for their sellers.
Cases have been discovered where the clients were treated to a whole rollercoaster of emotions. One such instance was when a client had a nightmare experience with three video editors. The first one didn’t have the skills he said he did and it was apparent he never even watched the clips the customer sent him. The last two were just incredibly unresponsive. One confessed to never starting the project. The scarcity of accountability gives the people the power to impose their evil upon others. While many choose to keep the work to professional standards, some misuse this power and create chaos in the community.

The Traditional Solution to Modern Difficulties

Over the years that freelancing has been integrated into our lives. Some are still reluctant to embrace a change and they have every right to do so. The traditional approach to software development is still the only solution for many. What if there was a way to get the benefits of freelancing without all the hassle it washes ashore?
ITLaunchpad eliminates the need for freelancing services. It brings about much more benefits than just the ones of freelancing. ITLaunchpad is the prime example of conventional software development with a mix of modern technology. It has all a person might need, from idea incubation to software consultation. If all you have is an idea, then you will soon have that become a reality. The physical presence and global influence bring the resolution to accountability. It’s not just a firm for software development; it’s your one-stop shop for end-to-end services when it comes to solution designing and execution.

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