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Frequently Asked Questions

Which frameworks do we work using?

ITLP uses the most suitable frameworks to work and some of them include:

  • PHP Laravel
  • ReactJS
  • WordPress
  • Oracle Apex

Which integrations do we support?

ITLP supports the integration of custom ERP, IoT Solutions, SAP Solutions, SaaS Solutions, WordPress Solutions, Oracle Apex Solutions.

Is the company global?

Yes, ITLP is global, with its branches spreading to USA and Pakistan. The company is always looking for ways to expand and reach the potential of global influence.

Which technique do we use?

At ITLP, the modal for SDLC is entirely dependent on the nature of the project. The company has expertise in various models like Waterfall, V, Incremental, RAD, Agile, Iterative, Spiral, Prototype, etc.,

Where does our expertise lie?

ITLP is rehearsed in every step of the software development life cycle and has reached every industry over the years.

Which technologies do we use?

ITLP uses the best technologies for development, such as Visual Code, WordPress and other primary tools.

How are my capitals secure?

ITLP is a complete firm with a physical presence and is certified in every service we provide.

How can I track my software progress?

Software development is tracked with updates from the company at every step of the cycle.

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