IT Launchpad

Incubation of Business Idea

  • IT Launchpad has over three years of experience incubating business ideas.
  • We help businesses develop their ideas into marketable commodities. 
  • We will implement the best solutions for your business requirements.

Market Assessment

  • We evaluate your ideas’ practicality and develop them into a marketable product. 
  • Our commercial or market analysis is a one-stop shop tailored to your marketing needs. 
  • We also provide market research, forecasting, and commercialization services. 
  • We work hard to deliver in-depth, well-referenced evaluations and recommendations.

ERP Development

  • We promise and are responsible for high-quality custom ERP development. 
  • Our ERP software development aims to provide a scalable, industry-specific platform. 
  • The platform streamlines management and promotes fact-based decision-making. 
  • We provide full-cycle and comprehensive ERP development and support. 
  • Our solution improves your company’s transparency, efficiency, and bottom line.

SAP Implementation & Support

  • Our SAP solution has the potential to completely transform your company.
  • It can streamline your operations if you follow the SAP implementation steps. 
  • We can help you realize SAP’s full potential thanks to our worldwide expertise. 
  • Our SAP setup, customization, monitoring, and support expand your market reach.

Software Prototyping

  • Our software prototyping will allow you to get a feel of the final product. 
  • Final updates will modify anything not meeting customer requirements. 
  • The main objective is to make sure that the client is satisfied.

UI/UX Designing

  • Our design expertise can make digital systems and apps responsive and user-friendly. 
  • Whether it’s a new app design or an interface update, we promise a masterpiece. 
  • We will pick the best collection of tools and procedures to achieve the project’s goals.

Software Development

  • We develop and implement high-quality custom software using new technologies. 
  • Our unique and customized solution’s increased functionality improves software. 
  • Our significant project history supports business operations in several domains.

IT Consultation

  • IT Launchpad is dedicated to providing IT consultancy and advisory services.
  • We help companies align their IT strategy with their business and operations. 
  • Our consulting services innovate software and handle development projects. 
  • We also identify overlooked technology opportunities for your organization.

SAAS Solutions

  • You can migrate your business to the cloud with our SaaS development services. 
  • Our SaaS solutions’ simple and automatic updates minimize IT department workload. 
  • Your applications’ accessibility and affordability will satisfy your end customers.

Quality Assurance

  • Our QA and software testing services ensure software meets customer expectations. 
  • We uncover catastrophic defects and help organizations deliver high-quality software. 
  • This also enables our customers to meet strict schedules and make frequent releases.

System Integration

  • Our application integration services automate data and process flows across apps. 
  • Integrations between your systems are designed for ease of use and built to last. 
  • We offer a strong integration solution tailored to your situations for the best outcomes. 
  • Due to our extensive accreditations, we ensure the protection of your sensitive data.

Software Maintenance and Support

  • Our custom software development led us to software maintenance and support. 
  • We ensure all tools are accessible, reliable, and relevant to your business’s needs. 
  • Since we create complex systems, we’re also responsible for maintenance & support.

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